Version 2.0 (Submitted)

-Multi-Player 4 cars with no-collisions (Live ghost cars)
-Auto-Match  Multi-Player rooms
-Laptime leaderboards for each track
-Atomic Speedway
-New Drivers – Chris Madden, Chase Junghans, Chris Simpson, Scott Bull, Timothy Culp, Mike Spatola

Version 1.9  

-Bugfixes from 1.8
-Separate fast lap times per class
-Rolling starts
-USA Raceway
-New Drivers- Jackie Boggs, Riley Hickman, Dustin Linville, and Brandon Thirlby

Version 1.8 

-Modifieds added to Single Player and Hotlaps
-Street Stocks added to Single Player and Hotlaps
-9 Modifieds
-8 Street Stocks
-New Garage UI
-New UI flow and loading screen

Version 1.7 

-Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
-AI advancements in collision
-Morgan Bagley
-Eddie Carrier Jr
-Frank Heckenast Jr.
-Fixes to Dirt Trackin Motorplex walls
-Driver position list is now kept
-Settings button stays clickable so you don’t have to go “Home” to get out of settings screen

Version 1.6

-Touch Arrows as a 3rd control option.
-Added Stormy Scott – Removed Joey Freeze
-Added Bub McCool – Removed Todd Topside
-Brownstown Speedway
-Floodplains Speedway was given the same banking configuration as Dirt Trackin Motorplex.
-Smoothed track surfaces so the cars no longer make bottom contact with them.

Version 1.5 

-4 real drivers (Bobby Pierce, Chris Ferguson, Devin Moran, Kent Robinson)
-2 new fictional cars (replacing previous fictional cars), Orange #24 Rocko Speed (Contest Car) and #21JR Willy Slick Grizz Jr
-Dirt Trackin Motorplex added in the place of the Globe
-Black Ice updated to the real Lucas Oil Speedway
-America’s Dirt Track updated to the real Fairbury American Legion Speedway

Version 1.3 

-AI overhaul, more competitive and better matched to their skill level at all tracks
-No more random AI cars flipping or certain parts of the car grabbing you and spinning you
-Raised wall friction
-Last view used, will be kept the next time you race
-Mute button in settings to turn engine sound off for music listeners
-Sensitivity now saves and keeps your settings
-Bigger touch area for gas pedal on tilt
-Touch steering no longer inverts if you use it from the bottom of the screen

Version 1.2 

-Hot Laps session with no AI Cars
-Better Collisions (no more AI cars flipping)
-New Track Lighting
-Fixed wall friction (Wall no longer grabs you and spins you around)
-Now keeps your all time best lap record
-New skies in all tracks
-Restart Button during race
– Sweet spot for gas pedal (moved slightly left for android users with soft keys)
– Show the track name on the end of race UI
– Replaced steering wheel image(Added red tape to show center of wheel
-Improved wall and track textures
-Improved throttle loss after crash

Version 1.1 – Null, issues with lighting moved to 1.2