Google login issues

For those of you on iPhone having login problems, here’s the deal.  We were using the google plus app to log you in, and it was working perfectly.  Apple didn’t like it, and forced us to change it.  So we included a built in login to google, instead of using Google Plus.  When we submitted our last build, some of the code stuck for some reason, that’s why you guys are having the sign in issues.  Here are the steps to correct it.

1.  Delete the Google Plus App from your phone.  It looks like plus


2.  Open the dirt trackin app back up.  This is the login you should login


3.  If you do not see this login, then you need to uninstall Dirt Trackin, reboot your phone, and re-install the game.


Note:  If you are still having the dreaded “instant crash” from the previous build, delete the dirt trackin app, reboot your phone, and re-install Dirt Trackin.


Also, if you use the Google Plus App for anything besides dirt trackin, once you have logged into Dirt Trackin using our built in login, you can then re-install Google Plus without it messing up your Dirt Trackin.


If you are able to login, but not connecting to races, it’s a possibility that nobody is online trying to connect to the same race that you are.  It could also be a possibility that you are having network issues.  Try racing on or off of wifi, or reboot your modem/router if you need wifi to race.

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