Some tips/tricks about Multi-Player.


If you are trying to connect and just getting “waiting for other players”, either there are no other players trying to connect to you, or you have a network issue of some sort.

-Try turning off wifi to see if that helps, it may be a network issue.

-Reboot your phone to see if your phone is possibly causing it.

-Re-install Dirt Trackin, as a last resort as you may have gotten a buggy update.  This is quite common on the Android platform.


If you see “All drivers connected” and the race fails to load, you have connected to somebody that dropped connection and the race won’t load because it doesn’t have 4 players to match anymore. ┬áThis will probably happen from time to time, it’s just a part of mobile networking.
If this happens every time, please follow the directions above as it’s likely an issue with your connection or your phone.