Dirt Trackin’

About Dirt Trackin':

We are a very small start-up company, trying to put an app out there that doesn’t currently exist for dirt racing enthusiasts.
When we first launched the app there was so much demand and popularity.  We are working as fast as we can possibly work to get the app finished to make it worth your $2.99 that you paid.

The Dirt Tackin’ game will be put together in stages (releases/updates) .

We are also planning on doing a Dirt Trackin: Sprint Cars as well!

We initially released a very basic single player game with Late Models only, as the app grew, so did the demand for other cars.  In the middle of our Multi-Player update we ran into some issues with the google plugin they provided us and we are waiting for them to sort out a few things before we launch Multi-Player.

We put Multi-Player to the side and worked on the Street Stocks and Modifieds and got them into the single player and hot laps modes for you to enjoy.  These are also the 3 classes you will race throughout career mode.

Career Mode:  This will be our final major update, as we expect for it to take anywhere between 2-4 months to complete.  We have quite a few other features and bugfixes to take care of before this gets started, so there is no timetable on when it will be available yet.

Our Goal:
25 Real Late Model Drivers
10 Tracks (9 real 1 fictional)
Multi-Player with cross-platform racing
Career Mode

Once we have reached our goal, we will evaluate what the players want the most and make the correct adjustments from there.  Our customers have greatly influenced what we do here, and that will always be the case.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!  We hope you enjoy the app as much as we do!